Last Call

It was exactly 5 months ago today I boarded Pearl for the first time as her new owner, knowing I had a long journey ahead and with an unknown partner. And now that I think about it, she didn’t even have a name…so she truly was an “unknown”! However Pearl quickly proved herself to be a trusted and reliable ally from our first trip out, travelling from the south end of the St Clair River, crossing both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay effortlessly!

Pearl has been my home and office this summer which although brings its own set of challenges, has made this my best season ever on Georgian Bay.

Working from home takes on a whole new meaning when your home is a boat. First there is the much needed internet signal which can be a little spotty when out on the Bay. There have been days I have had to take my laptop in the dingy and travel holding my phone in the air until I could find a signal! And between work and enjoying the water, sometimes the daily chores go undone so occasionally we (ok, me!) are washing and drying laundry as we travel from one port to the next!

However the distractions are few 😜 and every work problem that arises is just one kayak ride away from a solution. And my moving background for zoom calls looks amazing!

This weekend is the final outing for the Georgian Pearl until spring time as next week she will be taken out of the water and put away for winter storage. Although temperatures have started to drop to the single digits over night, I am glad to have had these last few days with her, before the long dark Penetang winter sets in!

So to my Pearl: thanks for a wonderful season and for the many memories you helped us create with family and new friends. I will miss our 30 knot runs down the bay, my perfect sleeps, auto pilot, and the hum of your big block diesels! Have a good rest, you deserve it! Here is our last trip of 2021! ❤️❤️❤️

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