Southeast Wooded Pine Island

Southeast Wooded Pine Island is the perfect dinghy day trip for boaters anchored in the vicinity of Go Home, Monument Channel or Indian Harbour. In fact I have even made the trip from Hope Island on a 10’ dinghy with a 15 hp tiller engine but that was on an extremely calm day!

A beautiful island with stunning 360 degree views of Georgian Bay, the expansive flat bedrock top is easy to walk while the gently sloping sides provide wind protection for picnics and afternoon naps. The shore is lined with small coves – many perfect to swim from – and if you stay late enough on a sunny afternoon you will be guaranteed a stunning sunset for the ride home!

This island is best visited on a warm day with low winds as it is situated a little offshore. Preserved and protected by the Georgian Bay Land Trust (, it is 7 acres in size and located approximately 2 nm west of Monument Channel. Prior to visiting I recommend you review the GBLT website for visitor guidelines – here is the link:

This island is ecologically sensitive and to ensure it continues to thrive, a GBLT representative will stop by regularly to check that all visitors are respecting the nature. And dogs are welcome, just no fires or over-nighting.

There is a small rocky harbour at the north end of the island with a narrow and shallow entrance but with enough depth for dinghy’s, sea doo’s and other low draft vessels to enter when water levels are above chart datum. Once inside there are quite a few areas to disembark plus many rocks and crevasses to secure your lines. I always bring a dinghy anchor, grappling hooks and a spare fender, plus upon entering the harbour always post a bow watch and lift the engine.

And not every landing is perfect – this one was a close call – no harm to the prop on that day but I’ve left my mark behind on past visits – all part of the adventure!

Below you will find the coordinates and approximate route I take when visiting. With it’s natural rock harbour and unobstructed views of Georgian Bay, Southeast Wooded Pine Island should be on every boater’s bucket list!

Approaching the island from the east

Coordinates: N44 59’ 19”, W80 1’ 7”

This is how I approach departing from the north end of Monument Channel; there are some shallow shoals and large boulders just below the surface as you get close to the island so keep a bow watch on your first attempt.

The arrow above gives you a general idea of entering the harbour

Pass Me a Cold One: Early Season Boating on the Bay

Springtime on Georgian Bay and I am launched, prep’d, provisioned and most importantly out on my boat enjoying the Bay, and for the 3rd weekend in a row!

Boating in the early season can be one of spectacular beauty, quiet solitude, great fishing and no fuel dock lineups! However it also comes with a few challenges. Overnight frost warnings, water temps in the low 50’s, navigational buoys off station, and shore debris in the water can make this a difficult time for Captain and Crew! And don’t forget the dreaded chore of climbing out of bed in the frigid morning to greet the icy toilet seat! 😱

All kidding aside, this is a critical time to ensure you are well prepared and have a good safety plan in the event of an emergency.

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Working the Bay: My Chat with Tugboat Captain Robert Cox about his 30+ Years on the Bay and most Challenging Tows

Spring time on Georgian Bay and the “Boys are Back in Town”!

For over 30 years this family owned and operated tow and salvage company has plied the waters of Georgian Bay and Lake Huron, providing assistance to mariners in distress and performing various essential marine operations.

Based in Penetanguishene on the southeast shore of Georgian Bay, “Sixth Great Lake Marine Services” Owner and Captain Robert Cox knows all too well the types of problems that can occur when these four unpredictable factors come together: water, weather, boats and humans! Add inexperienced operators and crew to that list and things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye!

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For boaters starting to plan their summer itineraries, the village of Killarney situated in the NW corner of Georgian Bay is a fantastic destination to visit!

Killarney Channel

The beautiful La Cloche mountains form the backdrop to this charming historical village that has welcomed mariners for more than 200 years. Originally named Shebahonaning – Ojibwe for “canoe passage” – the name was later changed to Killarney shortly after the establishment of a fur trading outpost in 1820. The village is one of the oldest settlements in Canada and in the summer months attracts boaters from all over the Great Lakes.

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Franklin Island

For boaters wanting to experience the wilder side of Georgian Bay without straying too far from amenities, look no further than Franklin Island! Located at the mid point of the 30,000 Islands on the east coast of Georgian Bay this beautiful and rugged Crown island is perfect for exploring and also offers a few “guilty pleasures” to entice boaters!

Franklin Island, just 14 NM’s northwest of Parry Sound
Northeast coastline of Franklin
Franklin Coordinates: N45 23’ 4”, W80 20’ 1”

Situated approximately 14 NM’s northwest of Parry Sound, or about 45 NM’s north of Midland, this island was named after Arctic explorer Rear Admiral Sir John A Franklin.

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Holiday Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses!

‘Tis the season and what a festive one it is! The many holiday markets, tree lighting ceremonies and Santa Claus parades happening around the Bay have been attracting record crowds! Even the arrival of the CSL Frontenac to Midland Harbour on a chilly December evening saw many of us braving the winds to watch her maneuver into position alongside the silos. Quite a sight to see, with the twinkling lights from the mill creating a warm welcome for both Captain and Crew!

Friday December 2, 2022
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Fall into Winter

Goodbye fall, hello winter! Looks like our warm weather luck has run out – over the past 2 days temperatures have plummeted almost 20 degrees celsius on the Bay! But we can’t complain – our fall has been filled with sunny days, warm southerly winds, little precipitation – a perfect time for being outside and enjoying some late season recreational boating!

Although Thanksgiving weekend arrived with some fluffy white stuff brought in by streamers off the Bay, it only lasted 5 minutes and gave those of us on the water an amazing view followed by sunshine again!

The snow coming
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