The Falls at Go Home

The falls at Go Home are an amazing place for a dinghy day trip, the journey being just as fun as the destination!

Go Home – a beautiful water access cottage community just north of Cognashene – will celebrate it’s 125th anniversary next year. There are a few stories about how this area was named, the more popular being for the loggers who drove the timber down the Musquash river system into the Bay during the 1800’s – once they had delivered their log booms to the local wharf for transport by steamer, their job was complete and they could “go home”.

By the turn of the 20th century that same wharf began to welcome what would become the original “Go Home” cottage settlers, along with supply ships throughout the summer months bringing mail, visitors, and sundries. Today it is still the social hub of the community, hosting many get togethers for the local cottage association members to participate in.

The Waubic approaching Go Home Wharf (photo courtesy Madawaska Club, ca 1915)
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Southeast Wooded Pine Island

Southeast Wooded Pine Island is a fun dinghy day trip for boaters anchored in the vicinity of Go Home, Monument Channel or Indian Harbour. This island is best visited on a warm day with low winds forecasted as it is situated a little offshore.

View of the harbour looking west

Preserved and protected by the Georgian Bay Land Trust (, this 7 acre island is located approximately 2 nm west of Monument Channel and open for boaters and cottagers to explore and enjoy.

The expansive flat bedrock top makes it easy to walk while the gently sloping sides provide wind protection for picnics and afternoon naps. The island also offers great swimming and stunning sunsets. Dogs are welcome, just no fires or over nighting.

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