Holiday Wishes & Mistletoe Kisses!

‘Tis the season and what a festive one it is! The many holiday markets, tree lighting ceremonies and Santa Claus parades happening around the Bay have been attracting record crowds! Even the arrival of the CSL Frontenac to Midland Harbour on a chilly December evening saw many of us braving the winds to watch her maneuver into position alongside the silos. Quite a sight to see, with the twinkling lights from the mill creating a warm welcome for both Captain and Crew!

Friday December 2, 2022
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Fall into Winter

Goodbye fall, hello winter! Looks like our warm weather luck has run out – over the past 2 days temperatures have plummeted almost 20 degrees celsius on the Bay! But we can’t complain – our fall has been filled with sunny days, warm southerly winds, little precipitation – a perfect time for being outside and enjoying some late season recreational boating!

Although Thanksgiving weekend arrived with some fluffy white stuff brought in by streamers off the Bay, it only lasted 5 minutes and gave those of us on the water an amazing view followed by sunshine again!

The snow coming
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The Hatteras “Stinkpot” and Her Journey to the Bay

New to Georgian Bay this season is a very grand, privately owned “Hat” named Stinkpot whose journey to her home port in Penetanguishene, Ontario, with her new owners took three attempts, spanned over two years, two Great Lakes, the North Channel and finally Georgian Bay. If you have ever purchased a new-to-you vessel and captained it home from a distant port, this is a story you won’t want to miss!

Chicago, 2019
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Ten Fun Facts about Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay, named for King George IV and often referred to as the “6th Great Lake”, has some interesting history along with a few world records! Here are 10 fun facts about the Bay:

#1: Wasaga Beach on the southern shore is the world’s longest freshwater beach.

#2: Manitoulin Island at the NW edge is the world’s largest island situated in a freshwater lake.

#3: The Georgian Bay Ship Canal, if built as planned in the early 1900’s, would have joined Ottawa to the Bay through the French River. This project would have been along the same scale as the Panama Canal, with large commercial freighters and cargo ships passing through what is now the unspoiled wilds of the French River. Here is a link to the story if you wish to learn more:

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The Captain goes down with the Ship

This summer while boating I was at the helm carefully guiding Pearl into a busy dock where once we were tied and secure, one of the other boaters who had witnessed my docking came over to chat. He asked if I was the Captain and I explained that no, my husband and I share that special title. He then asked “So who goes down with the ship?” jokingly I like to think but later that night as I pondered his question, I realized whether he meant to or not, he did raise a very important point and meaningful in so many ways!

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Last Call

It was exactly 5 months ago today I boarded Pearl for the first time as her new owner, knowing I had a long journey ahead and with an unknown partner. And now that I think about it, she didn’t even have a name…so she truly was an “unknown”! However Pearl quickly proved herself to be a trusted and reliable ally from our first trip out, travelling from the south end of the St Clair River, crossing both Lake Huron and Georgian Bay effortlessly!

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