The Gallery

The Gallery is where I will be posting pictures and videos about specific topics – such as wildlife, rough seas, towns on the Bay etc – mostly fun or interesting scenes I capture while exploring Georgian Bay. Be sure to check back regularly for updates! The first topic I decided on is a favorite of many and much needed after this long winter: Georgian Bay Sunsets!

Sunset Evenings on the Bay: On a Georgian Bay hot summer evening, as the sun starts it’s descent on the western horizon the warm rays set the islands of the east coast aglow! This is when the magic and mystery come alive with the illuminated rocks casting dark shadows within the deep crevasses, creating illusions not seen during the day. For me there is nothing more spectacular than enjoying a beautiful Georgian Bay evening and one of the best parts of being a boater means I get to enjoy them from so many different places all over the Bay!

Quiet Twilight
After the Storm
That Sunset Glow!
Indian Harbour
Hope Island
American Camp
Almost Home!
Water and Sky on Fire
Western Islands Sinset
Evening at Western Islands
Western Islands