Georgian Bay Forecast Links: Weather, Wind, Waves, Radar and Water Levels

When out on the Bay I like to do quick periodic checks of forecasts, especially when enjoying a long dinghy day trip. Tired of going to the various websites I decided to compile everything I need onto one page so I can quickly access the information from my phone or tablet.

Note that this is not a substitute for regular MAFOR updates and you will need cell/internet service to access these (which is not available in all areas on the Bay). And it is always best to monitor Channel 16 on your VHF for marine warnings from Canada Coast Guard.

After clicking a link and viewing the info, if you wish to return to my page use the arrows on your browser, not the “X” or you will leave my site.

Note that in the off season, the Buoy data goes offline.

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Live Webcam Links for Georgian Bay (and a Turks and Caicos for the winter months!)

Live webcams are a great way for people to preview an area they plan to visit. Georgian Bay has a few that are fairly reliable and although in no way a replacement for official up-to-the-minute marine weather forecasts, they are a great way to get a quick visual of conditions around the Bay.

Below are links to those that are usually operational; note that occasionally they may go offline for a short time if some nasty weather has rolled through.

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A Turtle Tale

The arrival of spring means just a few more weeks until these beauties emerge from their hibernation habitats and with two things on their mind – to find food and a little “tail”!

Snapping Turtles are the largest freshwater turtle in Canada and noted as “Special Concern” under the Ontario Endangered Species Act. Their biggest threats are from people or environmental factors such as predators invading the nests and habitat loss. During the winter they remain underwater, buried in mud, only too happy to break free once the ice melts and the days begin to get longer.

Minnie of Go Home
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Buying a Used Power Boat

If you are using the winter to search for a new-to-you power boat, I have some advice to share as a fellow boater which I hope may help you have a better experience. I can’t tell you what boat is right for you but I can offer a few important tips and recommendations you may want to consider before submitting your offer to purchase.

Who’s kidding – buying a boat can be scary as hell, especially when it’s your first time but even again when it’s your second! All that hard earned money going towards something that’s only going to be used 5 or 6 months of the year and for most of us, only on weekends 😫 But once that boating bug bites, it’s in your system and it becomes impossible to think of anything else! But that’s not to say there aren’t a few challenges along the way.

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Island Vibes

From Georgian Bay Canada to Grace Bay Turks and Caicos, GB Beauties is taking a break from the cold to enjoy a little salt water boating!

For Canadians, the Turks and Caicos are a 4 hour direct flight out of Toronto. Some fast facts about this destination: a British Oversees Territory located in the North Atlantic Ocean, SE of the Bahamas, composed of many small islands and cays, each with a distinct Caribbean culture. Providenciales (or Provo as it’s called locally), is the main tourist island with a diverse and friendly population. There are no McDonald’s or Starbucks, no cruise ships or night clubs – this island is quiet at night but experiential by day.

And with tons of boating options – kayaks, sea doos, bow riders, jet boats, catamarans – it is easy to arrange a fun filled day exploring the warm turquoise waters.

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On Thin Ice

Well this beauty survived the Ontario moose hunting season (LOL!) and is ready for the winter solstice today – the shortest day or longest night of 2021 for us that live in the Northern Hemisphere.

It has been a wonderful year for boating on the Bay, the marinas are full and boat sales are on fire! And as we head towards a cold snowy winter, yes the harbours will freeze, the rocks will ice over, the boats will be replaced by scoots and snowmobiles, but Georgian Bay will continue to deliver some beautiful scenery.

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