Southeast Wooded Pine Island

Southeast Wooded Pine Island is a fun dinghy day trip for boaters anchored in the vicinity of Go Home, Monument Channel or Indian Harbour. This island is best visited on a warm day with low winds forecasted as it is situated a little offshore.

View of the harbour looking west

Preserved and protected by the Georgian Bay Land Trust (, this 7 acre island is located approximately 2 nm west of Monument Channel and open for boaters and cottagers to explore and enjoy.

The expansive flat bedrock top makes it easy to walk while the gently sloping sides provide wind protection for picnics and afternoon naps. The island also offers great swimming and stunning sunsets. Dogs are welcome, just no fires or over nighting.

Looking west over the Bay from top of the island
View along the east side
The natural rock harbour

The entrance to the harbour, located on the north end of the island, is narrow and shallow in parts however fairly easy for dinghy’s, sea doos and other low draft vessels when water levels are at chart datum or above. Once in, there are quite a few areas to disembark plus many rocks and crevasses to secure your line. I always bring a dingy anchor or grappling hook, along with a spare fender. I have included a chart snippet and photo at the end indicating my basic route and the harbour entrance; just ensure that before entering you post a bow watch and lift your engine.

And not every landing is perfect – this one was a close call – no harm to the prop on that day but I’ve left my mark behind on past visits….all part of the adventure!

With it’s natural rock harbour and unobstructed views of Georgian Bay, Southeast Wooded Pine Island should be on every boater’s bucket list!

This is the approximate route I take from north entrance to Monument Channel
As you are coming around into the harbour, be mindful of the rock shoal on your starboard but once tied inside, it’s a great spot to swim out to.

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    1. Hello and thank you for your email! Glad to hear you enjoyed the story, the island is quite rugged and beautiful! Not sure how it fits with insurance though – let me know how you plan to make it available to your customers (part of a marketing blitz, or a post on your website?) and how would credit be given? Looking forward to hearing from you!


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