The 6th Great Lake

I grew up boating on Beautiful Georgian Bay with my parents and brother, back when boaters had no GPS or radar, only paper charts and a hope and a prayer the Bay didn’t churn out some ugly water! And of course many days she did so I quickly learned that yes, Georgian Bay is a natural creation of beauty, but with a definite temper! The many ship wrecks littered across her bottom can attest to that. But today, whether you are boating, cottaging or visiting on the Bay, there is a lot more to do and a lot more technology to help you safely navigate through the stunning 30,000 islands of rock and granite that make up the Bay.

One thought on “The 6th Great Lake

  1. You’re absolutely spot on. In my opinion Georgian Bay offers some of the best fresh water boating anywhere on the planet. Having sold our boat this year, after spending more than 15 years boating on the bay, we are already missing the wonderful friends and experiences we enjoyed boating on Georgian Bay.

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